Would you like to start your own local Coupon Chuck business?

Industry Overview:

Small businesses must find low cost effect means of marketing to be competitive. The internet is poised to dominate all other forms of marketing. The internet, online coupons and Guerrilla marketing allows small business owners to compete on a level playing field with larger competitors.

From the days of S&H Green Stamps to today’s Sunday circulars, businesses have always found coupons to be a great way to give prospective customers an incentive to visit their store or try their services. The “daily deal” phenomenon of the past few years has left many business owners with a bad impression of couponing. Many businesses cannot afford to sell their product or service at 75% off just to bring someone in the door. It may be a great deal for consumers, but that model is not always very business-friendly. More and more, people are turning to the Internet to find the products and services they want to buy. In the past year alone, there has been a 470% increase in the number of internet searches for online coupons. Coupon Chuck is helping business owners take advantage of this incredible online growth at an affordable investment level.

Overview of the Online Business Opportunity

Coupon Chuck is a coupon website offering all of the advantages of traditional couponing without the high cost of either direct mail or using a daily deal site. The website offers free coupons, paid for by the companies offering the coupons, to consumers in local markets. This is a business opportunity to help small business owners develop state of the art marketing solutions.

Coupon Chuck will provide all of the tools you need to build a successful business: management of the website, outstanding SEO, marketing materials, forms, social media content, and ongoing training / support.

As an Associate, you will become involved in your local community, building relationships with business owners and helping them build their businesses through the use of online coupons.

Ideal Coupon Chuck Business Associates will have:

  • Strong sales skills, including prospecting and closing (B2B experience preferred)
  • The ability to build relationships with clients and prospects
  • Good organization skills
  • Working knowledge of and/or interest in Social Media
  • The drive to build a prosperous business though a disciplined work ethic
  • Residency within the market and a desire to be involved in the community

Key Online Business Opportunity Points

  • Low start-up investment
  • Quick ramp up to cash flow
  • High income potential from a small initial investment
  • Low overhead
  • Work from home with flexible hours
  • Low cost effective marketing solutions create long term repeat customer potential

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