Sleep In and Brunch with Lunch Coupons

Brunch, is that a typo? Nope! Brunch is as American as apple pie, and just as tasty. The concept of brunch is a very late breakfast (or early lunch, depending on your perspective) combining non-breakfast type foods during the 11 am to 2 pm time slots. You get to sample culinary creations like Eggs Benedict and Mimosas. There are a number of great local restaurants in the Tampa bay area that take lunch coupons, or have lunch specials, and you can make your own brunch!

Isn’t Using Lunch Coupons For Cheap Skates?

No, not at all! In fact, you are doing the restaurant a favor. Businesses would not utilize low-cost marketing sites such as Coupon Chuck to put lunch coupons on if they did not want you to use them. Perhaps understanding some reasons businesses would give out vouchers may put your conscience at ease:

  • Coupons, especially online, are a low-cost low barrier to enter the market.
  • Online discounts through social media (like Facebook) are ways businesses can reward customer loyalty and encourage frequent visits.
  • Vouchers provide a way for a business to track the rate on return to see if the site they use is generating customers.

There are cavalcades of restaurants to choose from in the Tampa area, and they want you to use their coupons— so don’t feel ashamed! Spend your hard-earned money on local businesses to invest in your community, and enjoy a delicious, satisfying meal while you are at it.

Lunch Coupons Make Eating Out Affordable

Times are still tough post-recession, and the idea of eating out when you could fry up some eggs yourself may seem almost exorbitant. However, there are hosts of great deals out there, and businesses are recognizing the power of the internet to reach people and send lunch coupons online. In the greater Tampa bay area alone, there are dozens of certificates for deals like ‘2 for 1’ on drinks, or $5 off if you spend $20. The deals are there, all you have to do is search and show up. Examples of specials may include:

  • All-you-can-drink Mimosas, or equivalent, for one price during certain hours.
  • Chef specials the restaurant is trying to push for volume sales.
  • Smaller portions of normally bigger entrees for a lower price.

Did you know the CDC reports that more than a third of Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need, and 50-70 million suffer from sleep related difficulties? Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to see that beautiful sunrise over the Tampa skyline, sleep in when you can! Brunch will still be there waiting for you, with your lunch coupon in hand you can wake up with a smile and tuck into some 11 am goodness. Perhaps a Monte Cristo with a Bloody Mary? Check out all the great deals on!