The Coupon Killer

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The Coupon Killer

Your heart is pounding through your chest and you feel a few sweat beads threaten the surface of your forehead. The adrenaline surges through your body as you slowly bring the scissors towards the one thing you have been waiting to get your hands on all week. Waves of anticipation, excitement, and eagerness tangle together and embody your emotional, mental and physical existence. You don’t know whether to savor the moment, or dive in head on.

It’s finally here– the food that fuels your passion.

The Sunday paper. It’s time for extreme coupling.

Okay, well, maybe you are not this passionate about the 30% discount you can get on a 12 pack of Bounty paper towels as others are. But chances are that at one point or another you have participated in the hobby that is becoming increasingly popular as our economy declines. Fanatic or not, coupling is an activity that is not only beneficial for consumers who are looking to save a buck or two, but also for businesses who are looking to market to a wider audience than their current clientele.

Not only is it a low cost way to promote your business, but it also allows people to try a service they probably wouldn’t have it were priced regularly. Coupons gracefully pull in business because from the moment your ad is cut along that dotted line, consumers have an intention to seek, stalk, and purchase your product or service… usually regardless of where you are located. They will find you.

For example, I have a friend who is obsessed with saving money. She thinks that if she is going to buy something, she might as well do so at a discounted price. She’ll stop at nothing. Instead of going to the local salon down the street when she needs a haircut, she patiently waits every few months or so, refreshing web pages, hunting for the perfect online coupon to satisfy her haircut craving. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if a salon is the next town over. If they are offering their services for half the price as the one at the top of the street, she is going to get them– I mean go there.

The reality is that traditional means of advertising are no longer what they used to be. People who are looking for deals and to save money will stop at nothing until they get it– and they don’t like to wait. Ultimately, if someone needs a service or product, the first place they will typically check is the internet. So although your neighbor may be murdering the newspaper every Sunday morning from her dimly lit den, the majority of stalkers–I mean shoppers– are conducting their crafty work online. It’s up to you to make sure yours are strategically placed.